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House of Steel - Steeler Stadium

Since it's opening in 2001, NFL Steeler Stadium has been the envy of every team in the league. While parking at Heinz Field isn't perfect, the local authorities have certainly done a bang up job inside the complex. You'll find hundreds of TV so you won't miss a play of any Pittsburgh Steeler games as you're heading to the concession stand. TV's in the restroom? Not exactly but you will benefit from a high restroom ratio so line should be few and far between. All these nice things come at a price so be ready to pay well for good Pittsburgh Steelers tickets.

Pittsburgh Stadium Today

If all you know is Three Rivers Stadium for the NFL Steeler football team, you're in for a great surprise. Heinz Field is a tremendous improvement with regards to convenience and amenities for the fan who has tickets to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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